Valium. Methods of application and precautionary measures

Valium. Methods of application and precautionary measures

If you were prescribed Valium then you may have a few questions. Especially, the recommendations of use may interest you, right?

If so, then here they are!

– Diazepam should be used exactly due to the recommendations from your doctor. To clarify the indications for use, contact your doctor.

– You should wash down the medicine with the large glass of water.

-To measure the dosage right, you should use a measuring spoon or cup, rather than a regular tablespoon. Ask the pharmacist where you can buy a measuring spoon / cup.

– It should be noted, that Valium causes addiction. You may have dependence on the drug. Do not increase the dose of the drug and if you were prescribed a certain time, don’t take medicine longer. The abstinence effect may occur if the drug is abruptly discontinued after several weeks of continuous use. The dose may be reduced.

– Valium should be stored at room with mild temperature and in a dark, cool and dry place.

And the admonishments:

– Be extremely careful  when driving, operating industrial equipment or performing other hazardous work. If you have drowsiness and dizziness, refrain from dangerous activities.

– Be careful  when drinking alcohol. Alcohol can increase the risk of seizures .

– Diazepam may increase the action of other medicines that may cause drowsiness. It may be  antidepressants, alcohol, antihistamines and sedatives, painkillers, medications to relieve anxiety, anticonvulsants, muscle relaxants and others. Tell your doctor about all of your medications , and don’t start taking new without consulting your doctor.

You also need to know about the interaction with other medicines  or chemicals that you take at the same time.

– If you are taking antacids, then be careful! They can reduce the effectiveness . If it possible, and if your doctor allows , observe an interval of several hours between diazepam and antacids.

-Valium may interact with other medicines normally, but different drugs has an extremely different syllable, so, when taking other medications, you should consult your doctor and make a list of medical examinations. You should always remember about the main rules of using such potent preparations.

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